Features List

Behind the beautiful interface, Boostport packs an astonishing amount of features.

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  • Apps - Every feature is built as an app. Easily restrict access to apps to certain employees.
  • Multitask - Easily move between apps. Save changes when you're ready.
Staff Management
  • Custom Fields - Add and remove custom data fields that are unique to your business.
  • Contact Information Management - Easily manage an account's email addresses, profile and addresses.
  • Roles and Collectives - Assign roles to accounts to allow access to different apps. Group users into collectives to simplify management.
  • Account Administration - Close and suspend accounts.
  • Social Platform - Easily share links, information and updates with colleagues.
  • Likes and Comments - Like and comment on posts.
  • Profile Pages - View profiles of other staff members and access contact details.
  • Notifications - Receive notifications when important events happen.
Add-Ons Marketplace
  • Create Staff Accounts - Create new staff accounts when a new employee is hired.
  • Create Websites - Launch multiple websites. Launch as many as you need to promote different business lines and products.
  • Link Domains - Link your domains to your website using our Anycast DNS system.
Customer Management
  • Customer Pools - Create multiple pools of customers for different lines of businesses and websites.
  • Custom Fields - Add and remove custom data fields that are unique to your business and customers.
  • Contact Information Management - Easily manage an account's email addresses and addresses.
  • Customer Administration - Close and suspend customer accounts.
  • Responsive Template Library - Our library of responsive templates ensures that you reach mobile customers in addition to computer users.
  • Drag and Drop Editing - Easily edit your content using our drag and drop grid system. No coding required!
  • WYSIWYG Editor - Our intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you get text editor ensures that your copy always comes out looking perfect.
  • Images - Upload images and have them served over our super-fast global content delivery network (CDN).
  • Videos - Embed videos from various video sites (youtube, vimeo, etc).
  • Embeds - Embed content such as twitter posts, soundcloud players and more directly.
  • Maps - Include maps and pin an unlimited amount of locations.
  • Quotes - Easily create pull quotes and position them anywhere.
  • Code - Post highlighted code snippets for over 100 different programming languages.
  • Forms - Design forms to collect data or field enquiries and email them to your email address.
  • Galleries - Upload unlimited images and provide your customers with an immersive viewing experience.
  • Blogs - Setup blogs to publish posts and solicit comments from users.
  • Comment Management - Easy comment managment allows you to instantly delete unwanted comments from your blogs.
  • Index Pages - Point to multiple child pages to provide structure to your content.
  • Structure and Menus - Scaffold the structure of your site and customize user menus.
  • Analytics - View key statistics such as the number of unique visitors, top countries and top referrers.
  • Customize - Customize your website by uploading your own favicons and logos.
  • Staff and Role Management - Assign staff to your websites and use roles to allow access to their areas of responsibilities.
  • Self-service for Customers - Customers can easily update their own details by logging into your website. No more expensive integrations!
  • Claim Customer Accounts - Our automated system allows customers to claim their accounts if they are entered into the system but do not have website access.
  • Build a Community - Enable registrations to allow users to sign up to your website. User profiles the community to view basic information about each user.
  • Role-based Access Control - Limit access to your apps for different staff accounts by defining your own roles.
  • Self-service Password Resets - Users can easily reset their passwords without having to contact an administrator.
Service Billing and Audit
  • Contact Management - Have Boostport's invoices and other important information emailed to a customized list of users.
  • Audit - Easily track when add-ons were purchased from the add-ons marketplace and who purchased them.
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